World Humanitarian Day Reflections

On World Humanitarian Day, the 19th day of August, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the planet, the people, peace, and prosperity.

When there is no war, we say there is peace. What kind of peace exists in a planet where millions of people grapple with hardship and find it increasingly difficult to live a prosperous and happy life?

For decades past, the world has witnessed and recorded a great deal of events that have distorted the restful human existence and culminated into a persistent atmosphere of insurmountable needs. Sadly, these needs are rooted in a history of injustices, abuse of human rights, and the unhealthy struggle for influence with outright unconcern for the underprivileged, which are manifest in the harsh effects of extreme climate events, infectious diseases, violent conflicts, and poor access to health, water, sanitation and hygiene, and education.

It is unfair that the planet is becoming more hostile to the people, negatively impacting their prosperity and destroying their inner and outer peace.

On this Humanitarian Day, Peace Actors Network is calling on all people and parastatals to join her in showing solicitude to the sustainability of the planet and the peace and prosperity of the people. We are an organization that values, and is driven by, compassion and empathy. We recognize that human beings are interconnected and interdependent, by which reason we believe, not only that injustice against one is injustice against all, but also that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Hence, our resolve to continue to help people fix bad attitudes that tend them toward favouring injustice over justice.

Therefore, on this day, we celebrate the efforts of all humanitarian workers working assiduously, in the face of sabotage, burnouts and insecurity, to give protection and value to the sanctity of human lives. We charge everyone to appreciate the human interdependence and give room for empathic concern, to open your inner minds to the sufferings of the people and cause you to tailor your actions towards common humanity rather than a selfish, independent end.

Let us work together to build a planet that gifts the people the peace and prosperity that they deserve.

Michael Afolami

Founder and Programme Manager, Peace Actors Network

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