Who We Are

Who We Are

Peace Actor Network (PAN) is a non-governmental organization based in Nigeria. PAN seeks to create an atmosphere of lasting peace, preempt conflict and the outbreak of violence and disaster by shaping attitudes and addressing identified needs in communities.

The focus of PAN is to create sustainable peace in communities by identifying and addressing issues that threaten peaceful coexistence of peoples and communities. One of the topmost priorities of PAN: attitudinal and behavioural fix, is based on the idea that human attitudes and behaviour are integral to creating and sustaining peace.  Acknowledging the nexus between development and peace, PAN takes a holistic and integrated approach to peacebuilding by directly implementing projects, and establishing structures to execute projects, that tackle identified development issues.

Peace Actor Network delivers capacity building, workshops, campaign and advocacy, sensitization and awareness programs, and services in areas of identified needs. PAN acknowledges the importance of empowerment and entrepreneurship for sustaining peaceful co-existence, restoring and maintaining dignity, and economic growth. PAN is constantly seeking innovative means and partnership to execute projects in this regard, with the ultimate aim of achieving its goals and objectives.

Because no one person can solve everyone’s problem is why we encourage you to collaborate with us to achieve our objectives. We are a vibrant network of talented and creative individuals, who are motivated to create a peaceful and resilient world.


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