• Our Mission

    PAN’s mission is to establish and utilize strategic approaches to improving attitudes and behaviour of people, and address identified societal needs; creating structures that innovate community-centered initiatives for collective actions that focus on attitudinal change and service delivery; and posing as a popular model and framework for creating sustainable peace in communities.

  • Our Vision

    The vision of PAN is to lead in creating a world where human potential can thrive without fear of violence and the abuse of human rights, dignity, and justice.

  • Strategic Purpose

    Peace Actor Network is driven by the vision to mainstream a globally acceptable framework for using the resolving of identified community needs and attitudinal problems as a means to sustainable peace-building in communities.

  • Values

    PAN values include sustainability, quality, transparency, equality, mutual respect, responsibility, and communication.

  • Goal

    Our goal is to create an atmosphere of lasting peace where human potential can flourish.


Peace Education

PAN is focused on increasing access of people at different levels to education that not only transforms them, but also shapes their …

Research and Community Engagement

Attitudes that undermine peace in the community are reinforced by a lack of access to …

Capacity Building

One of the major ways by which PAN seeks to promote lasting peace in communities is by building capacity of youth, in particular, …

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