• Build Capacity

    Build capacity of young people including pupils and students on peace and conflict transformation.

  • Conduct Research

    Conduct research to identify societal issues that are potential causes of conflict and design appropriate non-violent methodology to resolve them.

  • Implement Projects

    Implement projects that address identified societal needs to build bonds of peaceful coexistence, good neighborliness and sustainable societal relationships.

  • Improve Attitudes & Behaviour

    Improve attitudes and behaviour of people towards peaceful transformation through sensitization and awareness programmes.

  • Develop A Model

    Develop a model for holistic implementation and management of peacebuilding and conflict transformation

  • Facilitate Platforms

    Facilitate platforms for brainstorming and learning on indigenous best practices for peaceful transformation of conflict.

  • Build a Network of Youth Peace Actors

    Build a network of Youth Peace Actors, who are actively engaged and engaging their communities in peacebuilding through innovative locally-contextual approaches.

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