PAN seeks to create an atmosphere of lasting peace, preempt conflict and the outbreak of violence and disaster.

“If we must have a peaceful and nonviolent society, then we must build a community of people with a culture of peace.”

Peace Education

PAN is focused on increasing access of people at different levels to education that not only transforms them, but also shapes their thinking, attitudes, and their environment. By education, PAN means engagement of  ….

Research & Community Engagement

Attitudes that undermine peace in the community are reinforced by a lack of access to the right information and intervention which, when provided, could help in shaping …..

Capacity Building

One of the major ways by which we can promote lasting peace in communities is by empowering youth in particular, and others in the working age population, thereby acknowledging the energy & creativity of youth.

When we act well and inspire other people to act well, we are indirectly creating a society of people that are mindful of peace.

Knowledge sharing is a good way to promote peaceful attitudes. Conflict that occurs due to lack of basic community needs can be prevented by rapidly and efficiently addressing community needs.

We are building youth to think of peacebuilding as a systemic activity. Youth Peace Actors are able to deliver integrated services that not only address any one particular community need.

Our works are aimed at preventing conflict in any possible way. We know the destructive impacts of violent conflict on livelihoods, and we do not want us and our unborn generations to experience them.

Raising children and building a society of people with the knowledge of good practices and behavior as it relates to their health matters to us.

Young people are vital tools to creating sustainably peaceful atmosphere in their communities. PAN’s Youth Peace Actor project will build youth capacity to innovate for peace and work to sustain peace in their communities.

News & Projects

“Failure to change the attitudes that lead to conflict and create an environment where every life matters is a deliberate abatement of resilience and a call for conflict that may be cumbersome to manage.”

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